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    VST sharing thread

    As some of you may or may not know, some of us here at DD make our own music. And to "broaden" the horizons of our music, we need newer sounds that fit our taste. And for most music programs, you can add a VST plug-in. VST plug-ins are synthesizers with different sounds for different genres. Maybe we should have a thread were we can share some.

    Name of Plug-in:
    Primary genres it goes with:
    Pictures or link:
    Cost (if free just put $0):
    Name of Plug-in: ReFX Nexus2

    Primary genres it goes with: Trance / Techno

    Pictures or link:

    Cost (if free just put $0): 349.00 USD (unless you use the demo or torrent it)


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    Re: VST sharing thread

    You don't need extra VSTs to make good music. Waterflame doesn't use external VSTs and his music is great.


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