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    Do you play an instrument?

    I play drums, little bass, a little of guitar, a little piano, and trumpet.

    as you could see i am a big music freak!

    I would like to know what other users play.

    Share what instrument you play, and details.

    Please move this thread if its in the wrong board.

    Thanks iMonjo !
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    i need to know where to get povit too, but it looks like kamone says it's only for vips

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    Re: Do you play an instrument?

    Mostly guitar

    Although I can play keyboards, drums and bass just not that good on them.
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    Re: Do you play an instrument?

    Already one of these: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=62428
    I'll lock this and bin it in a second, just so you get this message.


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