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Thread: MJ

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    Michael Jackson's death was very unexpected.

    A lot of people, including me, made fun of him because of the mistakes he made iin his life.
    Some people absolutley changed their opinion as soon as he died.

    What do you think of michael jackson?
    and how were you affected by his death?

    Thanks iMonjo !
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    Re: MJ

    Well I was actually surprised at how unexpected his death was...

    And then I actually realized how good of an artist he was I spent all Saturday listening to some of his songs like Black or White, Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Remember the time, etc...
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    Re: MJ

    i wasn't his biggest fan but i knew the contributions he made to music and once he died i realized what he stood for

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    Re: MJ

    I am a big fan of michael! everyone knows it..:,)


    Thread goes here ^^^^^^


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