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    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?

    What do you go for in music?

    What sort of music do you like listening to?

    Not like
    "omg I luv MEtal <3!@!@~~2oneP"

    What in a song do you look for that appeals to you?

    Mine are these kind of things.

    - A Tribal sounding Drum, alot of bass and tom toms. Snares too.
    - Heavy Distorted guitars. Not doing CRAZY riffs. But doing chunky ones.
    - Triplets always sound nice.
    - Vocals like Corey Taylor. Coz his singing voice sounds a shitload like mine.
    - Preferably up tempo.
    - I like the idea of masks
    - Songs that use a lot of big words that arn't used in general conversation.

    Stay away from lyrics such as.
    "Fast cars go fast, broom broom, wow shiny car."

    As you can see I relate alot to slipknot. But you know.

    what about you?

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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    Cool thread. Some important qualities a good song needs to have in my opinion:
    - Firecracker snare
    - Heaps of snare drum fills
    - A good screamer that is also a great singer
    - A lead guitar that plays a cool riff throughout the majority of the song
    - Needs to have some sort of breakdown kind of thing (not really sure how to explain what I mean any other way)
    - Amazing lyrics that aren't cliché (i.e. lyrics in the majority of today's love ballads)
    - Needs to build up to an awesome climax
    - Needs to have a kickass bridge

    I mean, I can't imagine a song that has all those qualities, but if a song has a few of them, it'll usually appeal to me.

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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    A cool sounding guitar, maybe a riff, or two just for effect.
    A good, smooth vocalist, I'm not normally a fan of screamo.
    Snare, High Hat, and Crash are controlling drums.
    Lyrics that don't involve rape/drugs/hoes and have a serious meaning.
    A good bass guitar undertone, but not over powering.

    - FW
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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    Drummers that DON'T whore cymbal noise. Bring the bass and snare up high enough to be heard and I'll love the drummer. Nothing more annoying than drummers who feel the snare is the only thing that has to be heard clearly, i.e. nick menza, megadeth's drummer.

    Guitar solos that play notes based on rhythms, i.e. mixing note values, not just straight 16ths going up and down scales. The ones that feel like they contribute a rhythm to the song, rather than just a constant stream of notes.

    Riffs that sound "heroic". I've never been able to explain that one lol. The various solos/riffs halfway through dead harvest by this ending, the riff at the start of superhero of the computer rage by in flames, the intro to wolfchild by himsa, dead sky dawning by hypocrisy, center of the universe by kamelot, 3:00 of the creation insane by darkane.

    Those are the things that spring to mind anyway

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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    As for Drum n Bass, I like-

    -Tight, punchy kicks that don't overpower the snares.
    -Tight but "open" sounding snare thats a little louder than the kick.
    -There has to be some ghost snares.
    -A straightforward hi-hat "shuffle" pattern.
    -A few ride cymbals in there.
    -A reece bass, all the way.
    -The melody has to be somewhat of that "UK" style that Subfocus seems to pull off.
    -Plenty of effects.
    -And lastly, it has to keep me interested throughout the whole song.


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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    I like fast catchy crunchy riffs, and some fast drum work..
    I like when songs sound...depressed too..and I also really love the use of the drummers cymbal..when they hit it during a breakdown all brutal..yeah.
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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    - Vocalists that sound like they mean what they're saying, and convey it perfectly.
    - Tasty riffs
    - Complex and deep lyrics, not meaning what you think they do.
    - Several vocalists harmonizing with one another.
    - Complex drumming
    - Unorthodox time signatures and frequent tempo changes.
    - Finally, a band that doesn't want to do something ordinary. I WANT PROGRESSIVE METAL AND POLKA WITH MY METALCORE, PLEASE.
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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    Generally music that took skill to make. Something that really lifts you up into a different world, creates an entire atmosphere, tells a story, ect. A fusion of traditional concepts with new and original ideas. Generally something that will put me into a good mood, or create a new one. I'm into metaphorical lyrics. Usually semi-complex drums/field recording. And anything that isn't part of a generic genre (metal, rock, ect.). I think I'm being a bit vague. But I can't describe it any other way.


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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    Really great solos, a few occasional low growls and... melodic instruments in the instrumentals and soft singing... like ADTR, DBA or Alesana.

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    Re: What do you go for in music?

    I generally listen to softer music
    i love orchestras
    Lyrics that have a decent meaning is probably the most important to me and a good singer
    Guitar that just allows you to get lost in the sound for example steve vai or pink floyd

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