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    Converge - Grim Heart-Black Rose

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3CEVh3D ... re=related
    omg i love this song and this band any thoughts .

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    Re: Converge - Grim Heart-Black Rose

    I fucking love converge. Always meant to get more of their stuff, but the few songs I've heard are amazing. The style of screaming really demands you have an acquired taste for it but the songs are so good :3


    That's the one that got me into them. Impossible to make out what he's screaming but there's something about it. Feels really raw, unprocessed, just epic fucking brutality in its purest state O: Sadly I still can't get into underoath even though converge have the same reliance on really annoying noise lol.

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    Re: Converge - Grim Heart-Black Rose

    They're in contending for my 88th most listened to artist in Lastfm, lol.

    Very nice band, I need to listen to them more after hearing the link you posted. They reminded me a lot more of progressive/sludge in OP's post, but then I heard Darren's, and now I see why they're mathcore. Chaotic as FUCK.
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