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Thread: The Beatles

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    Re: The Beatles

    I think they're kinda boring, although they have some great songs.

    Hey jude
    Yellow Submarine.

    And as Darren said; good sleeping music (:

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    Re: The Beatles

    I'm weird when it comes to the Beatles. I like most of their music which isn't that appreciated and don't like most of the stuff they're credited for revolutionizing. For instance, I'd honestly say that Help! is my favorite album by them. Most people would say it's their worst/least innovative album, but I personally loved their old sound being refined. With that in mind, I don't like most of Revolver which is one of their most praised albums, so I guess I'm just messed in the head or something. That's very relative though, since I like all of their albums more than 95% of other stuff, but my tastes within their collection is odd.

    Also, The Beatles was the first album I tried converting from vinyl to mp3, and it turned out really bad.

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