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Thread: Atheist

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    Tech Death/Thrash with jazz elelments. AWESOME.

    Mother Man
    Enthralled in Essence

    All three of their albums are great though, who else here has heard/likes?

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    Re: Atheist

    I only listened to cynic but not atheist,stupid warez =_='

    Been trying to listen to them but haven't got the time

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    Re: Atheist

    I got Unquestionable Presence, I don't know, a week ago?

    I opened it up and listened to Mother Man, and HOLY FUCK. It was crazy as shit, way more than Cynic. I appreciate what they did, but Cynic just sounds better to me, much more refined and really cool. But Athiest still is awesome, especially with such a great 3 albums out.
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