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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Pull Offs on the guitar gave me some trouble.
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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    I can't figure out how to do the Heel-Toe technique on my double bass pedals > it frustrates me greatly, I've watched countless How-To videos on it, but I just can't do it. I have a large heel board, but I've heard that it can be done on any pedal with any heelboard size and foot size

    Quote Originally Posted by WowPivutz
    I don't get drum tabs ]: I spent forever trying to learn them, and just couldn't.
    The main problem is that different people write their tabs in different ways, but normally, their layout is relatively alike.

    Some people are even nice enough include a key for you something like:

    HH = Hi Hat
    SD = Snare Drum
    HT/MT/LT = High/Middle/Low Toms
    BD = Bass drum

    So then each measure is written with dashes representing the sixteenth notes in the measure.

    So a beat looks something like:
    | - - - - |
    | 1 e & a |
    So that's one sixteenth note, and four of those in one measure blah blah pretty sure you already know that

    Normally the tabs will be set up like how sheet music for drums are
    Hi Hat/Cymbals
    Snare Drum
    Bass Drum

    Cymbal crashes are normally located on the Hi Hat line but are noticeable in that they are larger X's

    One measure of rest, and then a measure of strait 16ths on the hi hat with crashes on the 1 and 3 of the measure.

    Three quarter notes on bass drum, then four 16ths

    8th notes on the snare drum

    I tried my best, but I'm that good at explaining things lol here's a website for reference:
    http://www.drumsoloartist.com/wiki/drum ... _drum_tabs

    If I didn't explain something right, feel free to correct me lol
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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Guitar in general took me forever to learn. I'm typically good at picking stuff up quickly, for guitar it was very different.

    Also, at the person who said something about drum tabs. It's the same way for me with guitar. Except I can read them, but they'll be confusing sometimes. I have to do them verrry slowly to understand exactly what the tabs are saying, and slowly pick up one what I'm supposed to do. I think some people make them confusing on purpose :c

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Bar chords on guitar. Sounds dumb I know, but it's pretty hard. I can do it, but they give me trouble from time to time.

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    I've been playing drums for about 6 years now. Tabs, in my opinion, are odd and I never bothered to learn them. If I don't have sheet music I just listen to the song over and over again and practice individual parts. Such as a double bass line, then add snare, etc. then finally symbol work.

    Trumpet and Drums were the complete opposite of the learning spectrum for me. Percussion came naturally but Trumpet was just a bitch.

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Some things on guitar are just beyond my reach, and no amount of practice so far has improved anything.

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Bar chords and the fucking F Major chord on guitar are still giving me trouble, probably because of my wittle hands...

    And learning songs by ear on the piano sometimes becomes a pain.

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Double bass was pretty fucking irritating, not the co-ordination or anything, just trying to get clarity AND speed at around 210 16ths. The speed where you can only use ankles and not your quads. I know you can train your quads up to that speed but it maxes out at like 240. Ankles can get you up to 270 apparently lol.

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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    I'm finally starting to get the hang of sixteenths with one hand. But the open hi-hat is still giving me grief.
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    Re: Difficulty learning Instruments.

    Guitar is a bitch to learn for me...

    AND SERIOUSLY? ALTO SAX? That's the easiest instrument in the whole band... seriously.

    Bassoon was also a bitch to learn. I hate the bassoon. Flute in general was very similar to saxophone so... yeah, it was easy.
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