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    The Final Destination

    I've just been to see it today. It's brilliant. Way more gory than the previous films. The 3D aspect kinda ruined it in my opinion. I still enjoyed it. Reviews?

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    Re: The Final Destination

    I saw it, but not in 3D.

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    Re: The Final Destination

    Seeing it tommorow, i'll edit in what i thought later. However did the 3D really ruin it? I would of thought it'd be pretty tight with it.

    Edit: Thought it was pretty good editon to the series, and did it justice. Personally i think the 3D added to the entertainment vaule.

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    Re: The Final Destination

    Seeing it today in 3D BABEH

    E - Good film. It had it's good deaths, and it's bad deaths, but they were all satisfactory at least. The 3D was good, but weird at times, it must've just been my cinema because if I focused on the 3D it turned to a blurry mess, and I've seen 3D films before, and that didn't happen.

    The acting was baaaaaad. When the main character woke up from having his first 'dream vision', he was completely emotionless.. 'I had a bad dream. Enter emotion here'.

    But yeah, it was just another Final Destination movie, and the movie knew that, with its constant references to 'deja vu'.

    [spoiler:3kq0bvng]The tyre death was hilarious. Both times.[/spoiler:3kq0bvng]


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