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    DaVinci Code (let's try this WITHOUT spam this time)

    Avoid flaming over stupid issues this time, please, and leave anything that happens to the staff if something DOES happen.

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    Alright, DaVinci Code movie, seen it? Did you like it? I thought it was a pretty good representation of the book, but it did divert a good bit at the end and start.

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    For the record, guys- don't post in this kind of thread saying "i havnt seen teh m0vi3 but i willzorz!!11!" Only post meaningful things, please. =D

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    So should we say what we said before in the last thread? If not, delete this.

    I mean, I liked it, but I expected so much more. I don't know what I wanted more of, but I did. I guess there was too much hype.

    I'd rather read my hardcover illustrated (= D) Da Vinci Code book again, but I'm still definitley buying the movie.

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    i didnt see it but my mom did
    she said that it wasnt as good as she thought it would be
    she said the book was better :\
    idk not too interested in it

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    All spoilers are in the code tag!

    yeah , i saw it. also when i argued with dd i was mad because i got grounded for getting an f on a science test.
    It was a pretty good movie, silas was awesome, but how did he get into lee's house without the alarm system knowing?
    when the driver guy opened the door and tried to shut it, why wouldnt it shut? wouldnt all that steel crush the shell of a bullet?

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