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    The Venture Bros.

    Best show I've watched in forever. It's a shame I've only gotten into it in the past year or so, but god it's so awesome, best show on Adult Swim by far.

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    Re: The Venture Bros.

    It's alright, but I don't watch it much so I can't really say anything. From what I've seen, It's pretty funny.

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    Re: The Venture Bros.

    I've only watched it a few times, I never found it extremely funny, but it could occasionally make me chuckle.

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    Re: The Venture Bros.

    I stopped following the show after quite some time after the 2nd or the beginning of the 3rd season because the show is on, the what, 4th season now? Started watching it again when the new season came out with the episode about Hitler being in a dog's body, and what not. It's a good show, its made me laugh pretty hard at times, while others, not so much.
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