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    Help me buy an acoustic guitar

    The topic title is kind of self-explanatory. I'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar, and I have a bit over $1000 to spend. The last acoustic guitar I bought was $250 and has been through 10 years of neglect, so I think it's time I upgraded since all I play is that guitar and it's kind of beat up. Specifically I'm looking for a medium size guitar since I don't really predominantly strum or fingerpick, so something suitable for both would be decent. I don't need electronics or a really loud guitar since I don't plan on playing it at gigs or anything if it matters.

    The only guitar I've really seen that interested me was a Taylor GA3. The grand auditorium size seems perfect for my needs, plus it seems like it's gotten very positive reviews. I think I know a store that would sell them, so with online prices of $1150 I could probably manage to weasel my way closer to $1000 which would be nice.

    Just curious if anyone else knows some guitars matching my needs in that price range that are good.

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    Re: Help me buy an acoustic guitar

    Martin. Any type really.

    You'll thank me later.

    Edit: I'll find one that's in your price range. I see the x series doesn't go above 1000 generally. I would still consider the one you found, however I would try other guitars before making any decisions.

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    Re: Help me buy an acoustic guitar

    I'd recommend Maton's M225 to anyone looking to buy a quality acoustic guitar. I'd also recommend Maton's TE series. The TE series was designed by Tommy Emmanuel, one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of all time. However, Maton is an Australian brand so I'm not too sure how easy they are to find over where you live.

    Takamine is another amazing acoustic guitar brand, their range is huge so I can't really recommend any specific guitar. However, their entire G Series is awesome.

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    Re: Help me buy an acoustic guitar

    the Dreadnought shape has always taken my fancy, perhaps get something like that. Sadly acoustics aren't my most knowledgeable area


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