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Thread: Paprika

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    "Paprika isn't a movie that's meant to be understood so much as simply experienced - or maybe dreamed."

    One of the most beautiful, confusing movies I've ever seen. Not only is the animation astounding, the sound design is brilliant and the film gets pretty damn creepy at times.
    I dunno how I'd begin to summarise this, but the basic premise is psychotherapists entering the dreams of patients, and things go awry.

    Has anyone seen this? Whether you're interested in animation or not, it's a wonderful piece of film.

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    Re: Paprika

    Going to watch it later tonight, sounds pretty good; although I don't usually like anime so we'll see.

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    Re: Paprika

    Ya, it was a mindfuck. (<-- a good thing)

    If you liked that, you'll probably like millenium actress, paranoia agent and perfect blue apparently.

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    Re: Paprika

    Pretty, at times incomprehensible mindfuck. I liked it, but I thought it got kind of pretentious with the whole dream diving thing. Came across a little clishé, really. But as far as anime movies go this is a pretty good one.

    And remember to read the rules!

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    Re: Paprika

    Weakest movie from Satoshi Kon, who is known for its mindfuck-style. It was an allright movie I guess, but no where near the impact that Perfect Blue had on me (or Millenium Actress).


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