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Thread: Punch Brothers

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    Punch Brothers

    So after a search of the whole forum, not one person has mentioned this band here...ever :O

    So yeah, they're a bluegrassy folk band, and a really good one at that. Their CD's have so much ridiculous improvisation on them that it makes me orgasm just listening. Chris Thile is probably one of my favorite musicians ever, which is kind of impressive considering how much music he's actually made. Their first CD was fairly awesome, but they released a new one a few weeks ago, and it's totally mind-numbingly awesome. Oh yeah, Chris has done a fair amount of solo work too that's pretty neat.

    Anyways, the best stuff I could find of theirs on Youtube was some live radio thing, so here's some links

    Reptilia (thought I'd start with a cover, don't watch it if you're looking for songwriting)
    Rye Whiskey
    This is the Song

    He lost all his friends
    He didn't need his friends
    He lived with his mother and repeated himself[/center:16hbm10o]

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    Re: Punch Brothers

    I guess it's not really bad, but I'm not a fan of indie. I liked the song "Alex," though.


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