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    Hide And Seek ??

    Ok, ive just watched 3/4 of a film tonight. 'hide and seek'. i didnt see the start of it but seen the rest. i understood what was happening and what happend but the one bit that confused me was the very ending with the little girl in bed. i dont wana mention what actully happedn because for those who havent seen it i dont wana spoil the end. i just want to know what actully happend lol. it could have something to do with the start of the film which i never seen, but i duno. hopefuly someone has seen it and knew what was the deal with the end part.

    Helppp :P !

    but shit. someone is gona tell me the end anyway lol. ))(*

    my thort was that she was in the room all along and shes the looney. telling the women what had beed going on...

    a duno :])

    someone tell me what happend :P

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    Im with you Doddsy, I have no clue what the end meant, but i actually thought that the movie sucked, so I never really wanted to know anyways, but if someone knows I would now like to know also = )
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    *SPOILER ALERT*!!! Go down

    It was a crappy movie, but I think, you didnt really, miss anything important. Like, I think your talking about one of the alternate endings where shes like "Can you leave the door open" and she's like "You know I can't do that" and she walks out to meet doctors and everything, it seems like she was placed in a hopital, she was probably dramatized by the incident and got all crazy.
    The other ending where she puts two ends on her drawing was stupid too, it probaly meant about her split personality and how she still had part of charlie with her.
    Stupid movie, stupid endings.
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