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    Batman: Under the Red Hood

    An excellent cartoon that faithfully adapts the death of [spoiler:3n7m9pc4]Jason Todd[/spoiler:3n7m9pc4] and Red Hood storyarcs from the comic books, as well as finally translating the reason why Batman doesn't kill to the screen successfully, good story, excellent, you have to see some of the fights to understand, animation and choreography, fairly dark (How Batman should be, and this has plenty of bonebreaking violence, and opens with [spoiler:3n7m9pc4]a boy being beaten to a pulp with a crowbar before being blown up[/spoiler:3n7m9pc4]plus great voice acting despite the absence of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, with the cast including John DiMaggio (Futurama, Gears of War) Jensen Ackels (Smallville, Supernatural) and Bruce Greenwood (Thirteen Days, National Treasure II)


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    Re: Batman: Under the Red Hood

    Watched it last night, the story was good, and the animation was alright as well. Although some of the script was a little cheesy, it was a good movie.
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    Re: Batman: Under the Red Hood

    buying it very fast right now.


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