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Thread: Old School

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    Old School

    I want this thread to open up the minds and ears of people here. Old school music (as a genre) contains some of the most inspiring music that has sculpted music as it is today. I feel that most old school songs from a given genre (House, drum and bass, club, rave, rock, hip hop) are truly amazing. This thread is not restricted by genres, post old school music from all genres.

    Of course my choice of old school music is gonna be drum and bass there's a lot of amazing pre-modern age drum and bass that gets me hard.

    Dillinja - Twist Em Out is an incredible old school song. I don't even mind the mc.


    Brown paper Bag by Roni Size is a mega slick tune, real old school and laid back.


    And pretty much anything done by Photek is damnned amazing. This guy re-defined avant garde drum and bass.

    Ni Ten Ichi Ryu


    So atmospheric you will shit yourself.

    And of course, no thread to do with anything old school is complete without:


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    Re: Old School

    Rolling Stones' Exile on MainStreet is my favourite album of the band. It's a perfect blend of rock 'n roll, soul and blues. I'm not really a fan of the Rolling Stones, in fact not at all, but this album is truely amazing.

    I'm one of the few that would put this album above Images & Words. Dream Theater's Awake is I believe to be a milestone achievement in progressive metal music and is probably the only 70+min album from this band that I can listen to completely.

    This is the album that inspired me the most as a bassist, amazing performance by bassist Steve Harris from start to finish.

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    Re: Old School

    Here comes my contribution:

    All my love goes to what some 6 seconds of this music did with the drum and bass and jungle music:
    One of the most classics Jungle tune!
    An awesome classic of Drum And Bass (this one is an really "Gold" tune xD):
    And this one:

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    Re: Old School

    In the past few years, old prog rock from the 70's has really grown on me , probably my favorite genre alongside metal in general. Pink Floyd's Animals was the first album I ever bought, maybe when i was 10, but I didn't really get it, and went back to CRAAAAWLING IIIIIN MY SKIIIIN. It wasn't until I was 12-13 that I finally started to like it, and eventually bought the other PF essentials, Dark Side, Wish You were Here ( which is probably my favorite album ever) and The Wall. I also got into Rush and some Jethro Tull. I found out about other prog bands such as King Crimson and Yes trhough the internet.

    With old school metal, I mainly listen to early 90's death metal, such a Death, Suffocation, and Atheist. Atheist I really found out within the past 2 years, but Unquestionable presence is probably my favorite metal album ever.

    And I now realize it was completely unnecessary for me to type my life story but whatevs.

    E: 80's pop sometimes too.

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    Re: Old School


    Good ol' classic power metal. Feel free to look up some older blind guardian and helloween too. Stratovarius ain't bad either.

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    Re: Old School

    This is one of the oldest hip-hop songs I can think of, and it defiantly helped define hip hop for that decade. I dunno exactly what you mean by old school as a genre, but I think this fits:

    Everyone looks funny hah

    Of coarse Rappers Delight, or songs by Grandmaster Flash belong here too.


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