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Thread: The Difference

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    The Difference

    Skullcandy has been getting a lot of flac lately because whn they released their rocnation aviators, they said it would be their attack at the beats by dre monster headphones. The sound quality apparently wasn't what they said it would be. This isn't true.

    The beats by dre headphones cover a 20-20 range, which is the full spectrum of sounds that the human ear can pick up. This is the same coverage as the aviators. The drivers are practically the same size in both headphones, and beyond that, the stats in general are similar if not the same. The only major difference is the beats' impedance is 250 ohm's. The aviators' impedance is 33 ohm's. The impedance of a device is essentially how much power it has. The beats have a very high impedance because they run on two AAA batteries. This means they don't need much power from an mp3 player or headphone jack to function to their full potential. The aviators have a very low impedance because they don't run on any power source other than the battery of the device it plugs into. This means it needs a lot of juice to function well, and ipods and mp3 players do NOT have the kind of power it needs.

    An easy way most people get around this is to get a headphone amplifier. This will provide the power needed for the headphones to work to their potential, and will give them a significant volume boost. In some cases, a headphone amplifier even helps the headphone to cancel noise, just as the beats do. The only problem with these is that they're pricey (over $100), and bulky. No one wants to be carrying around headphone amp every time they need some more juice to listen to music. So alot of peopel jsut make their own amps based on a design by Chu Moy. The guts of the amp can fit in a mint tin, and the batteries don't get eaten up very fast. This allows you to have nice quality in your headphones anywhere, because it fits perfectly in your pocket.

    In addition, these only cost about 20 dollars in parts, and only cost about 40 if you don't want to build it yourself. These are considered some of the nicest headphone amps available, and far better than the commercial ones offered by big headphone companies.

    So to anyone who thinks skullcandy's are overpriced pieces of shit, add a headphone amp for 20-40 bucks and we'll talk. The rocnation aviators are $150, while the beats by dre's are $300.
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    Re: The Difference

    They may be half way decent, but 100 dollar Grado SR-80i's would sound better without an amp from what I've heard off of headfi. They're over priced and look like shit. Not only that, you posted a pretty shitty amp. If you were going to get an amp invest in a pico or something half-way decent. Not only that, the one you posted only ups the volume. None of the frequencies, no high end parts or cables, no EQ control with it, nothing. All it does is amp up the volume for a half-way richer sound. It's good for the money but otherwise it's ass compared to a commercial amp. Oh, and if you're going to be bringing and amp with you just get some IEM's or something and save these for home with a high end valve amp or something. Also, when I listened to them, the bass was terribly responsive. They sounded just like my 30 dollar marshmallows and I still hate skullcandy for their terrible looks. Gotta admit the full metal jacket IEM's aren't half bad, but these weren't that great at all.


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