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    Break the Walls - Stickid

    My friend from school and I worked up this song today.

    Break the Walls

    Hope you guys like it.

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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    No progression other than the bit where it goes all quiet and then starts up with the same shit again. Both variations of the riff are off key and the chords don't compliment each other.

    Looks like you ignored the advice I gave you, TWICE. Same old boring, effortless noise.

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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    Again, that was awful. Here's why:

    1. It was incredibly generic.
    2. There was absolutely no build up whatsoever.
    3. It was repetitive.
    4. It seemed really cluttered. Seems like you really had no clue what to do next, so you just added random noise that really clashed with other bits.
    5. There was no style. Like I said in 4, everything clashed and ruined any chance of there being some sort of style or theme.
    6. The entire piece was boring as fuck.
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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    Well, I liked it. I agree that it had no build up and it did get kind of repetitive. But regardless, I liked the tune and I feel like you have potential.

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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    Typing this as I'm listening

    That first synth tone makes me want to punch something. I don't know why, but it does. Not really sure what key this is in, but k. Oh boy this riff isn't in any comprehensible key either, cool. Okay, so you have some really airy and major sounding chords in the background while blasting some "negative" (minor would be implying it actually sounds like it's in some key, so I'll call it negative) synth under it. That doesn't mix very well in my opinion. The ending is kind of lame too, it just died.

    If I were to suggest two things, it would be to work on the actual music itself (you know, melody/harmony) and to try and find tones that actually fit nicely together. It's not the worst thing I've ever heard, but I won't be playing it again =\

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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    I thought it was pretty boring, tbh, Crono covered everything that was shit about it basically. Especially the repetitive and generic bits.
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    Re: Break the Walls - Stickid

    Kinda cool, a bit too funky for my liking.
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