So yeah, it was Radio 1s Big Weekend last Sat/Sun. I went Saturday. Foo Fighters were brilliant. Although they played a greatest hits-esque setlist splashed with the new album it was still really badass. The crowd went fucking mental for All my Life, brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'seeing red' for me. Plan B was surprisingly great, great stage presence and was just good shit to dance to ha, Arctic Monkeys were great too but the crowd were being boring cunts, I was like the only one singing and moving for ages.

Brilliant day, I only went to see the Foo Fighters really (& the fact it was in my home town AND free) but I'd definitely pay to see 'em again any day of the week.

Also for anybody who gives a fuck
At 3:14ish you can see me on my mates shoulders (in the white shirt).