This is my official return to the music scene.

Stary Night

copy&pasta my description from NG:

So this piece really means a lot to me. back when I went down to my grand parents beach house, I would be glued to the epiano they had. It came with all that pre-drum stuff and etc. for hours at a time I'd just play this similar piece over. It's an accomplishment that I was able to transition something i have played in 8 years into flstudio and really be able to pull it off.

When you listen to it, just imagine like some kind of action happening, like when Achilles, in Troy, is begin shot up by Paris with each arrow piercing his armor skin stopping him till he falls to his knees with the cousin(can't figure out what her name is from IMDB) trying to stop Paris from killing her, what I can tell, possible lover/romancer/blah.

All seriousness aside this is quite passionate and just my old style I had.

so comment rate and stuff plz