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    X-Men: First Class

    Saw it tonight and I have to say it's better than the others. The dialogue is cheesier than a bag of fucking nacho cheese Doritos, but the action and shit was really cool. Some advertisements claimed that it gives The Dark Night a run for 'best superhero movie of all time', but Dark Night is way fuckin' better (I don't consider The Dark Night the best superhero movie ever, mind you).

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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    I saw some adverts for the movie on G4 and on Adult Swim when I was watching TV last night, it looks like a pretty solid movie if you ask me. I do want to go see it but the movie theaters here right now until it hits the $2 theaters want about $15 dollars for a ticket alone which means I won't be able to go see it until I get paid.
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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    looks decent enough but people say it is pretty shit cause it is the last in the series so far.... Don't know but i still wanna see it. the ads and all look cool.
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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    I don't really care what anyone says, I'm going to see it.


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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    The last one was entertaining but it was a honestly a pretty terrible movie. Once you start watching the X-Men series, you're somehow obligated to watch the rest. So yeah, I'll end up seeing this eventually.

    Which X-Men movie do you guys consider to be the best?
    For me, it's X2 by far, that movie is incredible.

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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    That was seriously an awesome movie. Just saw it today and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Way better than the last one, and infinitely more entertaining and well done (the effects were just horrid in the last one).
    I loved all the little references to the older movies and the backstory behind each character. I never really read the original comics, so I donno how true it stayed to them (I never saw any of those mutants in any of the comics, so I donno). Can't say I disliked anything about it.

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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    I thought it was cheesy as fuck but the action was fun and I loved the scene with wolverine.

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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky
    I thought it was cheesy as fuck but the action was fun and I loved the scene with wolverine.
    Go fuck yourself. Made me fuzzy inside.

    I thought it was a cool movie, checked it out last night. I thought each actor played a great role and kept to the characters really well. My mate told me he thought it was predictable as fuck, but it's a prequel, we've seen everything that happens after this movie - of course some of its gonna be a little predictable. God damn retard.

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    Re: X-Men: First Class

    I just saw the first two X-men movies last night and I'm hoping to catch up on the 3rd this weekend, the first two X-Men movies are so awesome, and being an X-Men geek like myself made it so much more enjoyable. How does this one compare to the first two? I'm seeing it either way, it looks pretty good, however I doubt it'll compare to the first X-Men movie.
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