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    My Chemical Romance

    American punk rock band, probobly my favorite band and the one I've known of the longest, every album they've made has been excellent, what's everyone's opinion on them?
    Songs to listen to:

    discuss etc

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    Re: My Chemical Romance

    I used to listen to them a fair bit. Some of their songs are quity entertaining and they are a pretty good band imo.

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    Re: My Chemical Romance

    Just like The Used and other bands of this scene style (or whatever you call it), I never got into them. It's not about the music, it's more about the thematic.

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    Re: My Chemical Romance

    I won't say that I don't like them, because that would be a lie, but some of their songs are just plain annoying.

    I did like their new album quite a bit because it wasn't as depressing as the other albums released and overall had a more upbeat tempo to the songs and the lyrics. They aren't a bad band, but as I said, they can get annoying when you hear the same song played about 40 times while you walk to the store and people have it blaring in their cars.
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