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Thread: Grieves

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    [spoiler:fy373ob5]Born in Chicago, Illinois, Benjamin Laub better known as Grieves was exposed to music at a young age by his father who would take him to Jazz and Blues clubs. After moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, Grieves began to explore the sounds of Punk Rock and Hip Hop. Completely immersed in the art-form, Grieves truly began honing his craft when he moved to Seattle at 19. After self-releasing his debut album Irreversible in 2007, Grieves took that momentum out on the road developing an ever growing fan base from the west coast to the east coast. While in Seattle, Grieves would eventually hook up with a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist by the name of Budo. In 2008 the duo would hook up and create 15 tracks of sample-free, melody-driven, analog warmth titled 88 Keys & Counting. A combination of singing and rapping is tethered together by guitar, horn, and keyboard driven instrumentals, which carry into the live show. The duo toured this album throughout the United States and Europe, honing their craft while preparing to unleash their latest effort, Together/Apart, to be released in 2011 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.[/spoiler:fy373ob5]

    This guy perfects the hybrid that is melody-driven rap.


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    Re: Grieves

    Thanks for the find, this guy has a great style. I really love Scar Gardens and Bloody Poetry. I'm definitely listening to him for the next weeks!

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    Re: Grieves

    Fuck yes, Grieves is sick. My favourites are Unedible and Lightyear, I have all his albums but I'm yet to listen to his newest.
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    Re: Grieves

    I already posted a thread a couple of months ago.

    But yeah he's cool.

    I've seen him live three times and have met him twice. He's super chill.

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    Re: Grieves

    Wow, I love this! Thanks a lot for sharing.


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