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    Three Days Grace - Concert

    In my hometown we have a pretty good Fair/Carnival every year. They have bands come every time, some bigger than others, but I certainly wasn't expecting Three Days Grace to be playing! The only fee is for general admission to the Fair ($12 US this year) so it's basically a free concert.

    Our "concert area" isn't that great, not much room for a big crowd and a pretty small stage too. Not to mention only a handful of lights and it's outdoors.

    ^ This is the best picture I could get before it got dark

    NONETHELESS they put on an awesome show, they really got the audience going by the end.

    It was pretty funny too because I guess the Fair manager told them they couldn't say 'fuck', and when the crowd was cheering for them to play Riot (contains 1 fuck) he held the microphone to the crowd saying "what do you think I should tell that guy?" and the audience resounded with a unanimous "FUCK YOU" hahaha!

    They even did a hard rock cover of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. He did so well at rapping, we were all freaking out, it was really awesome and unexpected.

    They played all my favorites and performed about 5 extra songs. I kept thinking they were really going to leave!
    Anyways, just thought I'd share my fun night. Anybody a Three Days Grace fan?

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    Re: Three Days Grace - Concert

    Always been a fan of them. One of the few bands from the '90s that's still around. Been hearing the song "Lost in You" quite a bit on the radio.

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    Re: Three Days Grace - Concert

    I wish their were concerts in my town that werent Katy Perry.

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    Re: Three Days Grace - Concert

    I would really love to visit a 3DG concert.
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    Re: Three Days Grace - Concert

    I don't listen to 'em much anymore, but I used to really love Three Days Grace. I'd never expect them to cover a rap song, I'll have to check it out :3

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    Re: Three Days Grace - Concert

    I saw Three Days Grace several months ago when they passed through near where I live while they were on tour with Avenged Sevenfold. 3DG were my favorite group that performed, definitely.

    They also covered Eminem at the concert I went to. I'm not a huge Eminem fan, so I didn't recognize the song, but it sounded good nonetheless.
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