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    Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    Well it finally dropped and I'm pretty excited about it. The production is phenomenal, which is to be expected when dealing with Kanye, and the rapping is also enjoyable. The album is pretty fucking solid.

    >my fucking face when Kanye sampled Feelin' Good by Nina Simone in New Day

    I've seriously been waiting for someone to sample that fucking song for a long time now. Thank you Kanye.

    Discuss the album.
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    Re: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    Kanye is indeed pro, I haven't gotten my hands on this album but I hope to soon.
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    Re: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    I dunno, first listen I got some good vibes and bad vibes. Like, Murder to Excellence was dope, but Lift Off was fucking stupid and disappointed me. Im gonna listen to it a few more times tho

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    Re: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    Just listened to it and all I can say is that it is good.

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    Re: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    "Why I Love You" is a great song, nice and strong start, good rhymes and just great overall.

    I also really liked "Niggas in Paris", "Murder of Excellence" and "That's My Bitch", but I'm not a great fan of most other songs. Most of them start of slow and some lack energy throughout the entire song. I know those starts are Kanye's thing and they work a lot of times but I think he overdid it on this album.

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    Re: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

    The beats on this album are really solid but my feelings towards the rapping are kind of "ehh". I like the music both jay-z and kanye produce but i dont really care about them, so when there rapping so self- centered its hard to enjoy it. I'll have to give it a more thorough listen but for now i far prefer "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy" And as far as kanyes stuff goes, this one is the best.
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