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    Explosions in the Sky

    So just recently,I got into Instrumental Post-Rock from that one thread about a month(?) ago.I was like "Oooh,this is what I need for these long bus rides to and from school.",and then someone posted a song from Explosions in the Sky and I fell in love.So I looked up like 7/10 of their music and I instantly found a new band to add to my top 5 favorite artists.So here are a few of my favs:

    Just an incredible band.
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    hi bby

    Re: Explosions in the Sky

    Love them.

    The Lolla webcast a couple weeks ago piqued my interest, and I've been meaning to check them out since.

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    Re: Explosions in the Sky

    These kind of bands always have some good parts in their songs, but they always seem to go on way to long. I can see how someone can really enjoy this music, but its just to long winded for me.

    Although I do like this song by Red Sparowes:

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    Re: Explosions in the Sky

    Had to open a new tab to post reply, didnt want to stop listening.
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