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    Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    I'm not talking about as a product the song is sexist or racist. I'm wondering if you have preferences that you may consider sexist or racist.

    Personally I can't stand listening to any female singer. I know many people appreciate their songs but I find it's like listening to a rusty nail groping and rubbing itself all over a tough rock. Like Miley Cirus. She's got a decent band backing her up, then she starts singing. shudder
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    Re: Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    Wouldn't really consider Miley Cyrus as the epitome of media quality ;P

    I don't think I've ever listened to a song and realised I don't like it because it's a woman/man singing, same goes for ethnicities (though I don't really know how you can let race influence how much you like a song, unless it sounds blatantly ghetto yo). I just don't like some songs because I don't like some songs.

    Though I think I understand the not liking female vocals thing, Kieryn here on DD is a sexist faggot too and doesn't like female voices. Though I think he's toned down the fascist now.
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    Re: Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    It's not really sexist or racist, but I've been turned off from a few female singers just because of their appearance. Like "CocoRosie". I was pretty interested by their music and was going to give their album a second listen, until I found some pictures of them. It's a shitty way of going about listening to music, but they're just so gross. : (

    I've also experienced the opposite. I won't be that into a band, but the singer is a cute chick so I put in the extra effort to get into them.

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    Re: Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    I never really thought about the whole female or male vocal thing. I personally don't really care what gender the singer is, if it's a good song, I'd like it.
    I'm the same as Picto, If I don't like a song, it's because it doesn't appeal to me.

    Also, a bit off topic but my personal favourite female singer currently is the lead singer from paramore. I just love this song by them:


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    Re: Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    I'm on the same boat as Picto. Songs that don't appeal to me, well, just don't appeal to me. Nothing to do with race or gender.

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    Re: Have you noticed sexism or racism in media preferences?

    I could probably name a well-known artist of any race-gender combo (well maybe not bengali transgender or something) that I dislike and I feel is much more successful than they should be. There's obviously some sexism when it comes to attractive female singers but I really don't think it's enough of an issue to care about when you think about how long it's been going on.

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