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Thread: Contagion

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    It was, ok? Not an awful movie, the actors save this film from being dull and unfulfilling.

    Right from the start, I was annoyed by the long montages without any sound except what seemed like new-age elevator music. I've also never been bothered by a film's font selection till I saw this one.

    The wide array of main characters make for little sympathy or connection to those characters, a confusing story progression, and an overall pace that seems so fast that it was boring. The characters seemed very unhuman to me and I really had trouble connecting with anybody.

    People are saying this movie makes you paranoid about touching things after you watch it; it doesn't. While the movie seems to portray a plausible response to a modern epidemic, it gets caught in too many directions (goverment conspiracy, pharmaceutical corruption, biological warfare and stifled journalism) you can't tell what the movie is about.

    Even though the movie has a happy ending, I felt largely unsatisfied as a few of the plot's branches were left unresolved. Certain main characters just disappear from the movie entirely and you'd wonder where they went if the movie didn't jump around so much.

    It has so many cliffhangers from scene to scene, every time you feel you're about to see something interesting the movie jumps to a different character. It's like they had too many people pushing the movie around that it had no solid direction.

    The post-production seemed really sloppy as well. The cheesy font, the elevator music, the editing, and even some of the audio are all examples.

    But as I mentioned, the movie wasn't entirely bad.
    There are some good performances and t's nice to see so many stars all together. I loved Jude Law's character, he seemed to behave natural and I enjoyed his attitude and dialogue. Gwyneth Paltrow did pretty well, there's a moment where she gasps in horror as she dies on the hospital bed that still gives me the creeps ever since I saw the trailer.

    I'd probably give it a 5.5/10
    It really wasn't as good as I was expecting and I don't feel like watching it ever again.

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    Re: Contagion

    I got extremely bored, but it's a good observation of the devolution of society in a time of severe crisis.

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    Re: Contagion

    Every time I touched my face during the movie I was like, "Ohh damnit!"
    Then my dad would touch his face and do the same thing lol

    I didn't know what it was really about so I was pleasantly surprised. There were only a couple moments in the movie that I didn't like:

    [spoiler:1bawkl3e]1) How chill Matt Damon's character was when his wife & son both died. He raised his voice once and was mostly in shock but still, it was a little creepy.

    2) The lack of closure on the lady who ran away after hearing that the village was given fake vaccines.[/spoiler:1bawkl3e]

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    Re: Contagion

    I thought it was an incredibly well done realistic and psychiatric thriller. The actors played their roles at an exceptional level, and the movie was able to capture the fear that would be inevitable in a real life situation similar to this. It was frighteningly realistic in most aspects. Overall I wouldn't say it's the best movie out there, but I'd definitely give it 4.5 stars. Within it's genre, however, I think it is one of the bests.

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    Re: Contagion

    To be honest, I didnt really enjoy it because it felt like I was watching an episode of House.

    But I did admire how they portrayed there being a disease like that. I was really impressed by that but the way how the main characters actually dealt with the situation was kinda stupid if you ask me. For example, the man's daughter and her boyfriend are out playing in the snow.
    I mean theres an epidemic going around and you're gonna kisss and stuff?
    I understand that you like each other but you should atleast be cautious about it.

    That one part was more or less the only one I had a problem with.

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