Mac Miller is dropping his first album on November 8th, Blue Slide Park. I thought I would give you guys a little sneak peak.



1. English Lane (prod. by Ritz Reynold)

2. Blue Slide Park (prod. by ID Labs)

3. Party On Fifth Ave. (prod. by ID Labs)

4. PA Nights (prod. by Mansions On The Moon)

5. Frick Park Market (prod. by ID Labs) | MUSIC VIDEO

6. Smile Back (prod. by ID Labs) | MUSIC VIDEO

7. Under The Weather (prod. by ID Labs)

8. Of The Soul (prod. by ID Labs)

9. My Team (prod. by Clams Casino)

10. Up All Night (prod. by ID Labs)

11. Loitering (prod. by ID Labs)

12. Hole In My Pocket (prod. by Ritz Reynold)

13. Diamonds & Gold (prod. by Young L & ID Labs)

14. Missed Calls (prod. by Ritz Reynold)

15. Man In The Hat (prod. by Ritz Reynold & ID Labs)

16. One Last Thing (prod. by Clams Casino)