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    Post your grooveshark playlists


    Grooveshark is very useful for creating a playlist without downloading any files. Stream music free and legally from your browser. I use this a lot when I am doing work or gaming.

    To keep it simple I'll update the OP with other people's playlist, organized by genre.
    And if you're going to post, please be serious. Mix your playlist with various artists, no playlists dedicated to a single artist, that's what the search bar is for. Feel free to post more than one playlist if you want.

    Industrial / Electronic

    Hip-Hop / Chill

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    Re: Post your grooveshark playlists

    i didn't have one, but it seemed like a cool thread so i whipped up a playlist.

    http://grooveshark.com/playlist/Chill+d ... p/61257169

    it's about 39 minutes.

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    Re: Post your grooveshark playlists

    I really liked your playlist, Brad. I didnt know you liked Nujabes, Blazo, or Shinsight. Did you know Digi Crates Records is doing a buy one get two free CD sale? I want the two Tributes to Jun CD's, but I dont know what the third should be, any suggestions?


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