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Thread: Hanna

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    If you're interested in seeing it, try not to watch the trailer, it gives too much away about the movie.

    I had low expectations for the movie. I was honestly most curious to hear The Chemical Brothers' music for it. I've listened to their music before and I was excited to listen to the score for the movie.

    The entire film actually ended up being REALLY good, I liked it quite alot. I hate to exhaust comparing action movies to the Borne films but I definitely felt a semblance in the whole "government sending assassins to kill other assassins" thing.

    Really though, the movie turned out to be a coming-of-age story, set in extreme circumstances. It was done really well, I loved all the characters and you really start to connect with Hanna as she experiences things like music, singing, dancing, and kissing for the first time. There's nobody else to really connect with except Hanna, but she's really all you're interested in from the beginning to end.

    As for the action, I was impressed by some of the no-cut action sequences. Often an action director will use alot of cuts to make things seem more exciting and dramatic. Example: any Bourne hand-to-hand combat scene. But in this movie there are a few parts with excellently choreographed scenes, no cuts. In particular, there's a hand-to-hand combat scene almost halfway through the movie in an underground parking structure, one man vs four. It was very well done and there's alot of bits of the movie like this.

    Plot was somewhat predictable if you really pay attention to the movie. I figured it out about halfway through the film. Still though, I liked the plot and it was definitely a cool idea.

    Videography was beautiful, this movie is really artistic. With the colors, textures, everything really catches your eye and gives you the "first time" effect that Hanna is feeling. Oh and the score was great, really fitting music, loved it.

    Anyways, I might be speaking too soon but I really liked this movie and I'd look forward to a sequel if they're planning one. Wouldn't really recommend it to everyone, but I liked it better than Salt (which everyone seems to love for some reason).

    It's a stretch from the Bourne movies but it has a similar pace and overall storyline.
    So if you like those I'd recommend this one to you.

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    Re: Hanna

    why are you such a scrub?


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