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    Justice - Audio, Video, Disco.

    Justice's new album Audio, Video, Disco was released yesterday.
    Listened to it a few times, it's kind of underwhelming? The album left me somewhat bored to be honest.

    They described it as "daytime music". I would have to agree, this album isn't really party material, sounds like it would be better to drive to than dance to.

    The only songs really worth hearing are Horsepower and most fans have already heard Civilization. Canon and Helix are pretty good too. I heard some distinct similarites in some of the tracks to their previous album, Brianvision somehow reminded me of Valentine.

    Anyways, anyone hear it yet? Thoughts?

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    Re: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco.

    Since there's no comments here, probably a comment in connection to the topic will be good enough to bump this?

    Anyways, I listened to it. I was a bit disappointed on the album. It's not as energetic as other Justice songs. They're still funky and good enough to listen though.

    I liked Newlands and Civilization. Horsepower was okay, I guess.

    The other songs were too boring imo.

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    Re: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco.

    Pretty disappointing album, tbh


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