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Thread: Puss in Boots

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    Puss in Boots

    I was really surprised by this movie. I'm one of those people that stopped paying attention after Shrek 2 and dreaded this film after I saw the first teaser.

    It was surprisingly good! The movie doesn't take itself too seriously. It's like the filmmakers realized how ridiculous the movie was but embraced it. I thought it was fairly clever and overall a pretty fun film. A totally different type of humor from the Shrek films but it was well done. And a fairly emotional story too?

    The movie is all about Puss's life before he meets Shrek and Donkey, but even that description makes me shudder. I'm not even going to post a trailer because they all make the movie look awful.
    I watched the movie with an open mind and I enjoyed it.

    Anyways, my overall reaction is one of surprise as to how good this was, I would honestly see it again.

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    Re: Puss in Boots

    I want to see this.

    Will probably get it on Netflix or something when it comes out.

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    Re: Puss in Boots

    It was better than I expected. It was cheesy at some parts, but overall it's nice.

    If you have time, watch it. I enjoyed watching it with some of my friends.


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