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    Post hardcore / / Metalcore

    Are you a fan of the genre?
    some examples would include dropbears,miss may i, parkway drive, i killed the prom queen and saviour.




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    Re: Post hardcore / / Metalcore

    I am, more so, a fan of avant-garde or mathy metalcore, with heavy influence from Hardcore Punk or something directly unrelatable to either of the last two genres.

    Converge - Heaven In Her Arms

    Shai Hulud - My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood

    Coalesce - The Plot Against My Love

    For post-hardcore, I like At the Drive-In, Refused, and Quicksand. No links because I'm both a lazy fucker and a listener of Coalesce. Addictive shit.
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    Re: Post hardcore / / Metalcore

    I love Enter Shikari so much.
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