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    Body Modifications

    I just finished watching a documentary about body modifications called Modify. You can watch it on Netflix, but I warn you, it's really graphic. They go into the lives of people who modify their bodies, from tattoos to piercing, from drag queens to sex changes, and from plastic surgery to cutting body parts. There were several parts that made me cringe. Honestly, my opinion of body modifications didn't change at all after watching it. I still sort of lose respect to those who modify their bodies to the extreme (especially cosmetic plastic surgery) for the main reason that they are insecure about themselves and believe altering their looks will change everything. So tell me what you think of body modifications and if you want, check out the movie. Again I warn you, there is nudity and scenes of actual surgery being performed (cosmetic and sex change operations).

    tl;dr: What is your opinion on body modifications?
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    Re: Body Modifications

    kinda like yours.I don't like to see peoples tongue split and other stuff like that

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    Re: Body Modifications

    I wouldn't want any tattoos, because my outlook on life is changing constantly. Even going through old facebook posts, I realize that I have changed a great deal from a year ago. I wouldn't something really embarrassing on my body for the rest of my life.

    Personally, I think our body should be kept exactly the way it is, with the exception of certain piercings. The ones that don't dramatically alter your appearance forever. It's much better to try and accept who we are, and love the bodies that we were born with. Living as someone that isn't really you won't ever bring true happiness.

    For example, if I had plastic surgery done on my nose, I would never be able to accept it as "my nose". It would seem fake and wrong to me, even if it was the most beautiful nose in the world (lol). I would rather just love my ugly nose for what it is, haha.

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    Re: Body Modifications

    The only way I will ever get a tattoo is if something happens in my life to change it drastically, and if I feel that I want to have that as a reminder on my body for the rest of my life.

    ya, I don't really think I'll get one.

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    Re: Body Modifications

    I don't mind tattoos or piercings when done well (no tramp stamps etc), but I really dislike the idea of plastic surgery. Sure, if you want to do it go ahead but I will never do it.

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    Re: Body Modifications

    I respect anyone's decision in body modification. Last year, tattoos were the "thing" and I remember my friends all getting tattoos and piercings. Ultimately it is your choice no matter what. Do what you want to do. I don't regret my decision.


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