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Thread: Matt & Kim

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    Matt & Kim

    I'm sure that a few of you guys know this band.

    I think they are pretty good, I like their songs.
    Just want to share this band


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    Re: Matt & Kim

    Freaking LOVE Matt and Kim.

    To be honest it took me a bit of time to get into their style but now I'm hooked. I saw them live a while back (right before they released Sidewalks) they were so friendly and energetic. They were such spazzes onstage, I couldn't tell who was having more fun, them or the audience. Kim had such a huge smile the whole time haha!

    Kim is so hot, seeing her in real life made me fall deeply in love with her.



    Not my favorite band but they definitely beat out Muse for funnest concert I've ever been to


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