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    Chronicle Review

    Since X-Men and Spiderman were released, there's been a stampede of superhero movies. With an average of around 5 superhero movies a year since 2002, we've been left with a continual vomit of just plain terrible films. With the exception of a few solid jems, most hero films try hard to compensate for bad plots, narrow characters and sloppy direction with fantastic visual effects and big-name actors. More often than not, I end up walking away in disappointment.

    I'd been waiting for a darker non-comic book hero film since Unbreakable so I was excited to see Chronicle.
    Still, I tried my best to calm my childlike enthusiasm and not expect too much when I went in.

    Wow. Maybe I put my expectations too low, but I ended up being totally blown away by this movie. I like this particular hero movie because it focuses less on an outrageous need to save the world and more on the relationship between these guys who share their new abilities. Without any words, it really emphasizes that worn-out-but-true phrase "with great power comes great responsibility".

    I loved how the characters had to slowly "exercise" their powers, it gave room for a fantastic progression of benefits and consequences for their actions. I loved how mostly unknown actors were used, I generally enjoy movies with people I've never seen because they make the whole thing feel more natural. On the subject of naturalism, the found-footage style of filming also added huge amounts of reality for me. It really adds to the effect in many shots and becomes delightfully dramatic towards the end.

    The thing I loved the most though was how real the characters felt. I could totally picture specific friends of mine, filling their roles and responding to things in a very similar way. I mean if you take people from the real world and give them power, people with real emotions and real problems, things are going to get messy. And they do things that real people would do, mess around and get into trouble. This is a more realistic origin story, they don't immediately rush off to risk their lives and become heroes.

    As far as heroes versus villians, no character is entirely one-sided. The lines of morality blur as their powers escalate and their actions begin to affect innocent people. The good guys do some bad things and the bad guys do some good things. I mean that's what REAL people are like. Nobody is entirely bad and nobody is entirely good.

    For me, most of the movie was perfect and if there's anything I dislike it's totally minor. Like some of the effects looked pretty fake to me, totally understandable because a big studio like Marvel didn't make the movie. It's also character-based so it might be boring for some people desiring a grander tale.

    That's it really, I was blown away by this movie. I'd love to see it in theaters again and I'll definitely buy it.

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    Re: Chronicle

    Watched the trailer, looked very interesting. Although I feel like I already know what the movie is going to be like I still want to watch it sometime.
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    Re: Chronicle

    Theres already a thread Stickid, don't want to be a dick or anything telling you what to do

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    Re: Chronicle Review

    Saw this movie yesterday and I have to say it was a bit hard to take things seriously at times seeing as how one of the main characters had the same name as me, Andrew. So some fun jokes were made but other than that it was a pretty good movie, I really enjoyed it.


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