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    Who Here Actually Buys Music?

    Pretty simple really. Do you buy music? Yes or no, and also why?

    I buy my music now. When a new law came in, in New Zealand, instead of trying to beat it, I decided to start buying my music, all of it. I've torrented a few afterwards, the only remaining ones are Cannibal Corpse, Finntroll, Manowar and Tyr. Yet I only really listen to Cannibal Corpse out of those ones. I bought music on the iTunes store, but it isn't the same. I've figured it out, I like to have a real copy of the music that I buy. I have 50 CDs and my collection keeps growing.

    So, do you buy music, and what is your reasoning behind buying it or not buying it.
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    Re: Who Here Actually Buys Music?

    Nice try, FBI.

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    Re: Who Here Actually Buys Music?

    Let's not discuss pirated music files, k?


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