Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin for "New order of the ages". It is also the first EP after 2 full release albums by artist William Control.

1. New World Order (A New Kind of Faith): ... re=related
2. Disconnecting: ... re=related
3. 1963 *CD Only*: ... re=related
4. Love is Worth Dying For: ... re=related
5. Perfect Servant
6. The Optimist Within Me: ... re=related[/center:v0pxi7s6]

How do I feel about the album? I've been following William Control since Hate Culture and I feel as if everything he releases has some sort of meaning behind each piece. When I heard that he was going to be releasing a follow-up to his second album "NOIR", I was kind of excited since he has some really catchy songs. I picked up Novus Ordo Seclorum before it was officially released [pre-ordered the CD and his new book "Prose and Poems"]. Personally, I love the EP despite what anyone says. The lyrics are written a bit differently compared to "NOIR" and "Hate Culture", but they feel a lot more descriptive and meaningful compared to the other albums.

New World Order (A New Kind of Faith): I originally heard this song when he released it on Soundcloud about a month before the EP's release. I personally feel as if this is one of the best track-openers for any album that he released to date. The song touches on the beliefs that the current state of the world is going down the drain and that we need someone to lead us in a different direction. I also feel as if this is one of the best tracks on the EP because it gets the listener pumped for the rest of the album.

Disconnecting: I like the lyrics in this song, that's mainly it. It's not that I don't like the song and all, but I feel as if William could have worked on it a bit longer and tweaked a few things.

1963: A New Order cover of their song "1963". Now, I love New Order and their original version of the song, so when I saw that there would be a cover of the song, I was pretty excited. In my eyes, it lives up to the original in certain aspects as the original touched upon the JFK assassination and some of the conspiracies that followed long after. I remember seeing William put this on his Twitvid account where it was a snippet of the song being recorded with his vocals, which got me even more hyped. This is probably the second best track on the album; however, the only problem is: if you didn't get a CD copy, it was not on the digital release. Why? I don't know.

Love is Worth Dying For: Another somewhat catchy song in my opinion. The song could have cut the sounds of the couple in the song having what seems to be sex and having an orgasm, but the song is not bad. I love the way the lyrics are written in this song, because it has to be one of the more descriptive songs on the EP.

Perfect Servant: I couldn't find a link for this song except for the live version which has poor microphone quality due to the fact that it was recorded at a concert on what seems to be a phone. I don't particularly care for this song too much as it follows the same roots as "Hate Culture" and the song "The Whipping Haus". The only thing I care about in this song is the chorus and the parts toward the end of the song which can really get stuck into your head if you've listened to it a lot. Catchy, I guess you could say. Good, it all really depends.

The Optimist Within Me: Probably one of the most descriptive songs on the EP, plus it marks the end of it. The vocals aren't bad but aren't up to par with his other songs. Not only that, but it seems to me as if this song was an emotional train-wreck because I feel as if I'm listening to a 90s punk band that tried to do an overly-emotional song. It isn't a bad song, but I usually want to skip it. I don't skip it though simply due to the fact that it has William Control playing the piano which he seems to have a knack at.

Is it worth getting? In my opinion, I feel as if it is since it is on iTunes. There are some decent songs on the EP, except for 1963 which sorta pissed me off. I remember buying this album also on iTunes for my iPhone along with one of his new songs "The Posthumous Letter" [click the title to listen]. If you aren't a fan of his work, then don't pick it up; however, if you like his music, I would recommend getting the digital copy off of iTunes.