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    The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3


    Holy shit...I am so pumped for this movie.

    The thing is with this trailer I liked how it started out all dark and eerie and then just had the intensity just swell up.I had a few questions about the movie before but this trailer answered a couple of them.I now know that Catwoman isn't going to necessarily be all villain.One thing though thats still on my mind:
    What is going to happen to Bruce Wayne?

    Is he going to die? I know for certain if he doesn't die he'll just hang up his cape, but what will happen? I just cannot wait for this movie!

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    Re: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3

    I doubt Batman will die or hang up his cape, to be honest. Nolan's re-imagining isn't exactly true to the comics, but Batman did his thing until he was physically unable to continue in the comics, so I doubt he'll give up after three movies. I'm not saying I think there will be more movies, but just because they will end doesn't mean they'll end with him retiring.

    But yeah, I'm pumped. I'm not exactly a fan of some of the things Nolan has done with Batman, mainly him being a fucking idiot and just a brute, but I still enjoyed the previous two and am looking forward to this.

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    Re: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3

    Holy fucking shit fuck shit cunt fuck sex dick fuck vagina pussy shit...

    This is the best trailer yet, fucking so excited! This movie is going to kick some major ass.


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