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Thread: Prototype 2

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    Prototype 2


    Now I was looking forward to this game for quite some time now.My cousin got it a couple days ago so we decided to play it, beat it, and review and this is what we got.

    Ok so the story is like this.You play as James Heller whos wife and child were killed by infected people, and he thinks that Alex Mercer(the protagonist from the first game) did it.He is now out for revenge and stuff.Now Alex Mercer himself is the one who gave Heller his powers in the first place.Ok this isn't the most original story I've ever seen but it can be really great if done correctly.I honestly forgot the main point of the game because of how it never actually stuck to the story.There weren't any plot twists that would surprise you at all.For example you work with someone, and they end up betraying you.The way the game portrayed it, I saw a betrayal coming from a mile away.The story mode itself was very repetitive as well.In literally every mission you either have to go on some military computer or go somewhere to get a phone call to actually get the mission started.Every mission consists of either getting a bunch of crates or just killing people at the end.There isn't much variety to it at all.

    Now the gameplay for this game was better than the first but it was also a bit repetitive as well.Some of the animations were the exact same as the first game, some tweaks here and there would have helped out.However the game really did make me feel like a badass.One thing I really liked is the way you could upgrade your powers.For example, after doing a certain mission you get your claws upgraded.In the first game it would have just said upgraded and done, but in this game you can SEE that the claws got a power boost.Another thing is that you get a new weapon, the Tendrils.Now Alex had the tendrils in the first game but that was only his special move.In this game you can actually pull enemies apart, tangle them up to cut off a limb, and even have objects in the environment crush them.One big flaw though is that there aren't really any challenges in the game.There can be over 50 enemies attacking you at once but you have so much power that you kill all of them without even noticing it.I even played the game on insane mode and I destroyed all my enemies with little to no effort at all.A new feature what they also added is dodging (Picolo would be so proud).When an enemy attacks you press a button and you jump over them to dodge the attack.This is fun and all but its really boring and repetitive.There should be more variety in how you dodge the attack such as ducking or sidestepping.There were also new enemies and there were old enemies with a fresh new look.I really liked it but the fact that they don't put up much of a fight is kind of a let down.

    Overall I was kinda disappointed in the game when it came to the story and some gameplay aspects.However I enjoyed going around and killing people with my powers and such.This game gets a 7.5 from me.

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    Re: Prototype 2

    Use this discussion thread and mind the spoilers.



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