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    Rammstein - Meaning behind Mein Teil


    I'm sure several of you have listened to Rammstein in the past or you still listen to Rammstein. I originally downloaded this song onto my iPad not knowing what the meaning behind the song was since my German is a little bit broken. I'm going to forewarn everyone now that what you are going to read is not for the faint of heart.

    How did the song come about?
    From Wikipedia and various other sources:
    "According to Rammstein's bassist Oliver Riedel, the song came about after "one of our members brought a newspaper to rehearsal and it had a story about the cannibal guy in it. We were fascinated, shocked and amused at the same time." Vocalist Till Lindemann stated, "It's so sick that it becomes fascinating and there just has to be a song about it"."

    Who is this cannibal guy?
    This cannibal guy is none other than the Rotenburg Cannibal, Armin Meiwes. The backstory behind Meiwes definitely is a dark one so I'm going to put it into spoiler tags so you can read it at your own discretion. I warn you, it is messed up.

    [spoiler:3bshqqf8]Looking for a willing volunteer, Meiwes posted an advertisement at a website, The Cannibal Cafe, whose disclaimer mentions the distinction between reality and fantasy. Meiwes's post stated that he was "looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed".[3] Bernd Jürgen Brandes then answered the advertisement. Many other people responded to the advertisement, but backed out; Meiwes did not attempt to force them to do anything against their will.[4][5]

    As is known from a videotape the two made when they met on 9 March 2001 in Meiwes's home in the small town of Rotenburg, Meiwes amputated Brandes' penis and the two men attempted to eat the penis together before Brandes was killed. Brandes had insisted that Meiwes attempt to bite his penis off. This did not work and ultimately, Meiwes used a knife to remove Brandes' penis. Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw, but could not because it was too tough and, as he put it, "chewy". Meiwes then fried the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, wine and garlic; he then fried it with some of Brandes' fat but by then it was too burned to be consumed. He then chopped it up into chunks and fed it to his dog.[2]

    According to journalists who saw the video (which has not been made public), Brandes may already have been too weakened from blood loss to actually eat any of his penis. Meiwes read a Star Trek book for three hours, while Brandes lay bleeding in the bath. Meiwes apparently gave him large quantities of alcohol and pain killers, twenty sleeping pills and a bottle of schnapps, kissed him and finally killed him in a room that he had built in his house for this purpose, the Slaughter Room. After stabbing Brandes to death in the throat, he hung the body on a meat hook and tore chunks of flesh from it; he even tried to grind the bones to use as flour. The whole scene was recorded on the two-hour video tape. Meiwes enjoyed eating the body over the next 10 months, storing body parts in his freezer under pizza boxes and consuming up to 20 kilograms (44 lb) of the flesh. According to prosecutors, Meiwes committed the act for sexual enjoyment.[6][/spoiler:3bshqqf8]

    How does this connect to the Armin Meiwes case?
    After looking at rough translations of both the German lyrics and English lyrics, I've come to the conclusion that this follows the case pretty accurately.

    German Lyrics:
    „Suche gut gebauten 18-30jährigen zum Schlachten“
    Der Metzgermeister

    Heute treff' ich einen Herrn
    Der hat mich zum Fressen gern
    Weiche Teile und auch harte
    stehen auf der Speisekarte

    Denn du bist was du isst
    und ihr wisst was es ist

    Es ist mein Teil – nein
    Mein Teil – nein
    Da das ist mein Teil – nein
    Mein Teil – nein

    Die stumpfe Klinge gut und recht
    Ich blute stark und mir ist schlecht
    Muss ich auch mit der Ohnmacht kämpfen
    ich esse weiter unter Krämpfen

    Ist doch so gut gewürzt
    und so schön flambiert
    und so liebevoll auf Porzellan serviert
    Dazu ein guter Wein
    und zarter Kerzenschein
    Ja da lass ich mir Zeit
    Etwas Kultur muss sein

    Denn du bist was du isst
    Und ihr wisst was es ist

    Es ist mein Teil – nein
    Mein Teil – nein
    Denn das ist mein Teil – nein
    Yes it's mein Teil – nein

    Ein Schrei wird zum Himmel fahren
    Schneidet sich durch Engelsscharen
    Vom Wolkendach fällt Federfleisch
    auf meine Kindheit mit Gekreisch

    English Lyrics:
    “Looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered”
    The Master Butcher [2]

    Today I will meet a gentleman
    He likes me so much he could eat me up
    Soft parts and even hard ones [3]
    are on the menu

    Because you are what you eat
    and you know what it is

    It is my part – no
    My part – no
    There that's my part – no
    My part – no

    The dull blade good and proper
    I'm bleeding heavily and feeling sick
    Although I have to fight to stay awake
    I keep eating while in convulsions

    It's just so well seasoned
    and so nicely flambéed
    and so lovingly served on porcelain
    And with it, a good wine
    and gentle candlelight
    Yeah I'll take my time
    You've got to have some culture

    Because you are what you eat
    and you know what it is

    It is my part – no
    My part – no
    Because that's my part – no
    Yes it's my part – no

    A cry will ascend to heaven
    It will cut through hosts of angels
    Feather-flesh will shriekingly fall
    from the top of the clouds onto my childhood

    [1] "Teil" means "part" or "piece", but can also be slang for "penis", similar to "thing" in English.

    [2] Only present in the single version of the song: This is a direct quote from an online posting made by Armin Meiwes, a man in Germany who found a willing "victim" (Bernd Jürgen Brandes) to slaughter. Before the deed, Brandes wanted his penis cut off, and they ate it together.

    [3] "Weiche Teile" is a pun on "Weichteile", which means "genitals" in German.

    I'm honestly fascinated by this and I would like hear what you guys think about this. I didn't want to make this extremely long so everyone would get bored reading it. Discussion would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Rammstein - Meaning behind Mein Teil

    Oh year, I have heard of the Rotenburg Cannibal, theres a german documentary I saw.
    I didn't know that Rammstein described the case of sickness in a song though.

    I don't like Rammstein, the lyrics seemed always twisted to me.

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    Re: Rammstein - Meaning behind Mein Teil

    Chorus sucks but the rest of the lyrics are nice.
    Never liked anything that ramstein did other than couple of riffs and one music video.
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