Didn't see any topics about the new supernatural horror film Sinister, so here!


What is Sinister about?
Sinister is about a crime novelist played by Ethan Hawke who moves himself and his family into a new home that was the home of a grisly murder. Thinking that moving into the house will help him write his new book in his series of true crime novels, Hawke uncovers more about the house than he really wants to know: home movies that depict murders of several other individuals in grisly way. As Hawke tries to make the connection between the murders; he learns that it is something that is definitely not of this world. Sinister falls into the "found footage" genre of movies (e.g. Paranormal Activity).

Reading above is the best way to avoid any spoilers; however, if you would like my honest opinion of Sinister, click the spoilers tag below this sentence to read it. If you would not like spoilers, please ignore the spoilers tag.

[spoiler:2do04pxb]As I said, Sinister falls under the "found footage" genre which is the same category that Paranormal Activity and other horror films fall under. I went into this movie with high expectations but was slowly disappointed as the film started. The introduction of the movie starts with a family of four being hung from a tree which as the tree branch breaks lifts them to their deaths. The start of the movie shows Hawke's character helping his family unpack their belongings into their new house when Hawke's character is stopped by a cop telling him to take his advice and get out of town plus never look back. Not taking his advice, Hawke's character continues to unpack and takes a box up to the attic where he finds a box apparently left behind from the murdered family which is labeled "HOME MOVIES". The contents of each movie title corresponds to the death of the previous family that has lived in the house: Pool Party (Drowning), Family Hanging Out (Hanging), BBQ (Arson), Lawn Work (Run over by lawn mower), and Sleepy Time (Family gets their throats slit). As all of the investigation is going on, I started to lose my interest because apparently Hawke's character finds out that what has been causing all the murders has been a demon named Bagul. Bagul, apparently eats the souls of children... yeah, I'll let that sink in for you. So Hawke finally gets the idea to move his family out of the house after strange things start to happen. My question is why didn't he just leave at the beginning of the movie? Seriously, his character is stubborn as hell and retarded. Now, if you don't want to spoil the ending, don't read past this.

At the end of the movie, a connection is made by one of the characters saying that after they moved from the house of all the murders, they would be murdered themselves. So what did Hawke's character do? Move his family out of the house and finds the extended cuts of each of the murders which happens to be the work of the kids that went missing in the movie. Bra-fucking-vo, you have effectively killed this movie for me. So what happens? Hawke's character and his family are murdered by their daughter and Bagul drags her into the screen. Thanks for the hour and a half wasted, I'm glad I used a gift card to see this movie.[/spoiler:2do04pxb]

Overall, what did I think of the movie? I can definitely tell this movie was much like the Paranormal Activity movies. In my opinion, I think I would have rather preferred to see a different movie. It is a gruesome movie but at the end of the day, it subjects itself to basic jump scare methods which had me laughing my ass off instead of making me jump out of my cushioned rocking seat that the movie theater has. Throughout the entire movie, I was cracking jokes with a friend of mine which made the experience a bit more enjoyable; however, the movie had set the jokes up for me. Overall, I'd give it a 3 out of 5 because the plot was somewhat enjoyable and visually, it wasn't bad; however, the acting I felt was extremely sub-par.

Let me know what you guys think? Do you want to see Sinister? Have you seen it already? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Again, let me know what you think.