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    Good Movie Soundtracks

    So, I was recently listening to this


    and I decided that I want to find some other great original movie soundtracks. Please don't post Inception.

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    Re: Good Movie Soundtracks

    I especially appreciate movie soundtracks because they can to make a film so much more effective by setting moods more subliminally than visuals can. These are some of the MOST effective from movies I've seen:

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) - the most horrifying and appropriate music I've heard accompanied with a film
    The Shining - the familiar themes and subtle increasing intensity throughout adds so much
    Donnie Darko - quiet but powerful, really meloncholy and frightening
    There Will Be Blood - very tense and gritty, noticeably fitting music
    Drive - suspenseful and effective, accompanies the slow as well as fast scenes perfectly
    Taxi Driver - honestly quite hypnotic; seems like it might be impossible with jazz but pulled off surprisingly well
    Clockwork Orange - the diverse mixture of primitive electronic and classical blend well, the main theme is fantastic

    Pretty much any soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann is guaranteed to be great, most of his stuff was original, beyond his time and especially effective in thrillers. Hanz Zimmer and Danny Elfman (by sheer amount of hits in blockbuster movies) are probably the best modern composers for film as well.

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    Re: Good Movie Soundtracks

    Although this is a live performance of the one in the movie I love it.
    And I haven't even seen the movie, I just love Knopfler and Dire Straits

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    Re: Good Movie Soundtracks

    One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my live.
    Originally composed and executed by Alan Silvestri.


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    Re: Good Movie Soundtracks




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