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    Local Music Thread

    So for some reason, I can relate to and favor any local music over anything I really hear out of the radio. I don't really know why.. it just lets me feel it more. Anyways, in this thread, we can share local bands, bands members are in themselves, etc. I'll post some of my own.

    Do No Harm:
    So, Do No Harm is my brother's band. He plays guitar, and I'm not sure if its because I support what my brother does, but it has grown to be one of my favorite bands. They have an EP out, and are going to release a split EP with a band from Texas early 2013. I'm very excited for it, I got to hear the final mixes for DNH's 2 songs last night as a preview. I'm friends with all the members, and I really like what they have. I would appreciate it if you listened to their album on Band Camp and posted your thoughts on it below! It's hardcore, by the way.


    Go Long Kid:
    Go Long Kid is a local Pop Punk band that I really like. They are from the next town over I think, and the guitar player and singer are both twins, and the band was made when they were Sophmores in high school I believe. Anyways, its a really good listen, tell me what you think. It's also one of my favorite genres of music.


    Discuss what I've given below, or post your own local bands!
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    Re: Local Music Thread

    I hardly listen to any Danish music, and I don't even know any local bands. I'd love to go to gigs and such, but there's not really the same culture for it where I live I guess...
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