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    Casey James and the Staypuft Kid


    CJSPK is a duo formed by Casey James Basichis and Tim Kiefer, who currently score Adventure Time. Using Gameboys and ukuleles to create some of the most oddest neon electro folk.

    CJSPK - Mechanical Fireflys

    CJSPK - Feelance Kamikaze

    CJSPK - Jane's Castle in Spain

    You can get all of their music for free at http://www.caseyjamesbasichis.com/
    or listen to all of it at https://soundcloud.com/staypuft/[/center:kqmbdk5y]
    See You Space Honkboy...

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    Re: Casey James and the Staypuft Kid

    Damn, this is sweet as fuck. Thanks!
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