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    Balkan / world / folk

    What's everybody thoughts on these genres? Personally I find it very uplifting and often much more layered and detailed than much else that comes out in our age.
    And there's a lot of great mixing between more modern music and balkan, such as Beirut and A Hawk And A Hacksaw.

    Here's some examples if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about:

    Also, here's some good Danish electro-world music:
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    Re: Balkan / world / folk

    Since my high school years I've had a friend who has been fascinated by the folk genre. It worked incredibly well because our tastes in music were set in such different areas we could share artist after artist with each other, having listened to the work of hardly anything the other was suggesting. The artist that he shared with me that I enjoyed the most had to be Bibio.

    Bear with me, as I don't actively listen to folk, and Bibio is incredibly experimental with his musical style, but I believe this song will fit into the thread.

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