Has anyone ever seen it? Its a really sad movie.

Its about a boy who gets bullied around at school by abother kid (played by the guy who plays Josh on Drake and Josh). The bully has some mental problem. He like to make movies also. Anyway, the kid that hets bullied tells his big bro about him. Him and his freinds decide to pull a prank on the bullie.(I think the Bullie's name is George.). They plan to pretend that it is the kid who get bullied's B-Day and they invite George to a fake boating party with only the big bro's freind, the big bro, the kid who gets bullied,(lets call him bob.), and Bob's Girlfreind. Then when they are in the middle of the lake, they will play truth or dare an dget him to dare. They will dare him to strip and they will push him in the river. I cant give away the ending go watch it. I LOVE it.