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Thread: Oblivion

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    I just got around to watching this film today, and I thought it was great! When I looked to see how it did with critics afterwards I was amazed. This movie has been getting pretty bad reviews but I found it to one of my favorites from this year so far.

    Did anyone else see this, and what were your opinions on it?

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    Re: Oblivion

    I watched this movie last weekend and I definitely like it, the concept is sheer brilliant and I love how awesome and epic everything looks.
    The one problem with this movie is probably that many things are unexplained, I'm planning on watching it twice and I'm fairly sure there will be things you simply cannot grasp. For example the big flying operating center, or how those people in different sections of the world with different terrain factors are still identical to each other.

    The thing bothering me the most is WHOA MAN SPOILERS!!! - Stickid[spoiler:1yd7w5f4]how a robot(I assume the "god" was a robot) has unknown motives, why does it wants earths energy? Why does it need maintenance people when it actually has a shipload of those fighting drones?[/spoiler:1yd7w5f4]

    Awesome movie, definitely worth watching. Just some parts will never make sense.
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    Re: Oblivion

    I really disagree with most of the stuff said here.

    The film was boring and predictable. And why the hell WHOA MAN SPOILERS!!! - Stickid[spoiler:gir8vw1j]can the robot make thousands of soldiers that wipe out humanity without a moment of forethought, but not make caretakers with the same mindset? It's stupid and makes no sense...[/spoiler:gir8vw1j]

    Overall I feel like I would rather have not paid to see it. Maybe on DVD but not at the cinema.


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